September 1, 2006

Inside Slant: Kansas vs. NW State

The Kansas wide receivers have been bunched up through summer camp and now it is time to see what receivers will emerge as the go-to players.

Keep an eye on the defensive end position. With the loss of Charlton Keith and Jermial Ashley, it will be key to see how they can apply pressure from the perimeter.

Watch the offensive backfield. With Kerry Meier bringing athletic ability to the offense, will the Jayhawks use a lot of one-back or two-back sets?

Key Things to Watch:When Kansas has the ball

The Northwestern State defense is built on trying to bring pressure. Jayhawk Slant has been hearing that one thing defenses may not want to do a lot is bring pressure against Meier. He's smart enough to recognize it and fast enough to dodge some of the bullets. The offensive line has looked good in practice and should have a favorable match-up against the Demons front four. Once the game gets in the flow expect the Jayhawks offense to get everyone involved from the tight ends to running backs to receivers.

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