September 4, 2006

Monday morning thoughts from Mangino

First game thoughts

Mark Mangino has always talked about the unknown of a first game. You don't know much about your opponent and also some things about your own team.

The Jayhawks had several young starters on the field and Mangino talks about his Monday morning thoughts on his team.

"I think it was a typical first game," Mangino said. "I saw a lot of positives and we played well. But I think we have a lot of work to do and a lot of the problems are correctable. You want to see if you have kids in the right spots. It is a big jump from game one to game two."

New rule change

One of the new rules is the clock starts in the middle of the change of possession when the referee gives the signal.

Kansas only ran 51 plays and part of that was the new rule change and part of that had to do with the big returns on special teams.

"In the 51 plays I feel like we executed well," Mangino said. "We had a kick return for a touchdown, a punt for a touchdown, and another return inside the 10. So that could limit snaps. My impression is that it (the game) moved along pretty well. With the short field and the way the clock moved there was no doubt there were less plays in the game."

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