September 5, 2006

Coach Karl Dorrell meets the press

Obviously coach Karl Dorrell was happy with his team after their 31-10 victory over Utah. He talked about the brilliance that was Ben Olson and the effort the team. He was also very pleased with all three facets of the game. The offense, defense and the special teams all received high marks with Coach Dorrell.

Dorrell: "To recap last week's game, we had a real good start to the season and really was pleased with the effort our team showed throughout the game. It was a hot day. We were able to overcome the heat, particularly in the second half, when Utah, the heat was getting to them, and we got a chance to finish the game off the way we were able to and capable of. So I was really pleased with our overall effort. The team played very hard in all three phases.

"Offensively, it was good to see Ben Olson get off to a great start and have a strong finish. It was good to see …we gave him good protection. Guys made some plays down the field and got some points on the board for us.

"The first half, we would have loved to score some more touchdowns, or at least two more. There were some other opportunities, but I thought we made the adjustments correctly in the second half, and put some points on the board to take control of the football game.

"Defensively, we had a solid performance. Guys played really, really hard, ran to the football. We did some gang-tackling. I thought our tackling improved, definitely, from what we've been in the past.

"It was a great first showing of our capabilities defensively. We still have a lot to improve upon on that side of the ball, as well as offensively, as we know, but the effort, I thought, from start to finish was really, really strong.

"You can tell there is a great attitude that's among that defensive side. To shut down any offense from not converting any third downs tells you something about the potential our defense can be.

"I'm very pleased about that, being 0 for 11 for an offense to convert on third down. That's a very impressive statistic and definitely something we're going to keep building with as we move forward in the season.

"Special teams were solid. There was only one blemish I saw there, where at the beginning of the game, we had 12 men on the field. They had an unusual punt formation that from a coaching staff we did not get communicated properly in terms of what personnel we wanted in the game.

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