September 11, 2006

Future Tiders continue to play well


JENNINGS HESTER - LB 6'3 - 228, Atlanta, GA.

Jennings Hester recorded seven tackles in a Marist's 27-24 win over Tucker.

''We just gave this weeks game away. We had them and near the end of the game we had a special teams' problem with a punt and it allowed them to score the winning touchdown,'' Hester said. ''That was disappointing for us because we wanted to beat them so bad. But now we have to bounce back and focus on the game coming up this week. It wasn't my best game but I'm going to be ready this Friday. We don't want to lose another game.''
Next Up: Marist (1-1) is scheduled to face off with Washington High School at Lakewood. Stadium.

LAMARCUS WILLIAMS - DT 6'1 - 280, Bastrop, La.

Bastrop (2-0) held on for a hard fought 6-3 road win over Huntington. LaMarcus Williams totaled four tackles and one sack.

''Our defensive line was great all night but we struggled on offense. We made a lot of silly mistakes and had too many penalties. They were a tough team and it was good we got a tough win early,'' Williams said. ''We'll be fine if we stop making mistakes. We are a marked team every night and we have to get out there and do our best. The defense was solid and our offense is usually better than that.''
Next Up: Bastrop (2-0) is at home against Richwood High School.

ROLANDO MCCLAIN - LB 6'4 - 240, Decatur, Ala.

Decatur lost their first game of the year falling 17-7 at Hartselle. Rolando McClain led the Red Raiders with eight tackles and also caught four passes.

''We couldn't get anything going offensively the whole night. We never got into a rhythm but most of that was on us although they played well. I caught a couple of passes but they made sure I was never open down the field,'' McClain said. ''If our offense can't get going then the defense is going to have to play better. It's that simple. We were solid most of the night but we have to pick things up.''
Next Up: Decatur (1-1) returns home for a game against J.O. Johnson.

ALEX WATKINS - DE 6'5 - 225, Brownsville, Tenn.

Haywood lost their third straight contest as Jackson Central Merry won a 28-26 overtime thriller. Alex Watkins had eight tackles and two sacks in a losing effort.

''This one was tough to swallow because we were up a couple touchdowns at the half and we shut them down until the very end of the third quarter and then we couldn't do anything right,'' Watkins said. ''We were one play away from winning that game on a couple of occasions and that is what makes it so bad. We have to regroup. We've lost three straight and hopefully the rest of the guys haven't given up. Because I haven't given up.''
Next Up: Haywood (1-2) travels to Jackson Central Merry High School.

KOURTNEI BROWN - DE 6'5 - 210, Charlotte, N.C.

In a game that was decided in the last minute, Victory suffered their first loss of the season 28-27. Kourtnei Brown totaled six tackles, three quarterback hurries and a batted down pass.

''It was a great game. The whole night we were back and forth but we should have had it in the end. We let it get away from us when it mattered the most and it's painful losing our first game that way. But I think it will only make us stronger,'' Brown said. ''I had a good game and they keyed on me a lot but all that matters is whether we win or lose. I don't care about my stats if, I'd much rather have won the game.''
Next Up: Victory (2-1) returns home for a contest against Jireh Prep.

NICK GENTRY - DT 6'1 - 265, Prattville, Ala.

In a 43-7 rout of Carver-Montgomery, Nick Gentry kept his impressive sack total going with 3.5 more while also chipping in seven tackles and three tackles-for-loss.

''It was a great win for us. Carver was a good team and we basically just jumped all over them from the kickoff. Our defense was aggressive and strong. We played a great game all around. And the offense put up some points,'' Gentry said. ''It was good because that was a tough opponent and we know where we stand. I felt like I played well but we had such a big lead at the end of the third (quarter) that I sat for the rest of the game.''
Next Up: Prattville (2-0) travels to Jeff Davis.

CHRIS LETT - DB 6'2 - 195, Pensacola, Fla.

Pensacola stayed undefeated on the young season with Chris Lett totaling four tackles and one deflected pass. They beat Tate 20-9.

''It wasn't pretty but we pulled out a big win. They aren't always going to be pretty on the field but that score was pretty on the scoreboard,'' Pensacola head coach Mike Bennett said. ''Chris was good like he always is. He doesn't see a lot of passes thrown at him because of his reputation but he makes the plays when he has the chance. He's an unselfish kid who does what is best of this team. He's our leader.''
Next Up: Pensacola (2-0) is at home for the third straight week against Lincoln.

ROBERT MAVRE - QB 6'1 - 189, Tampa, Fla.

Quarterback Robert Marve connected on 16-of-26 passes for 216 yards and a touchdown while also rushing 14 times for 77 yards and two scores in Plant's 31-7 win.

''Our offense is really clicking on all cylinders right now. We've been almost unstoppable. The line is doing a great job and me and my receivers are on the same page. Everyone has been outstanding so far,'' Marve said. ''We have a lot of good team left to play so we have to stay focused the rest of the year. Middleton was a good team and we just went out and executed what the coaches had taught us. We need to continue to do that.''
Next Up: Plant (2-0) travels to Freedom High School.

ALFRED MCCULLOUGH - DT 6'3 - 297, Athens, Ala.

Athens beat Muscle Shoals 42-14 with Alfred McCullough chipping in six tackles and three tackles-for-loss while also seeing spot duty on the offensive line.

''Our offense was on the field a lot because the defense was playing so well but that is the way we want it. Our defensive line was good the whole night. I saw a lot of double-teams and stuff but that's alright because that frees up one of my teammates,'' McCullough said. ''I just want us to be good. I don't care who makes the tackle or sack as long as someone does. We have a pretty good defense that we take pride in.''
Next Up: Athens (2-0) hits the road for the first time against West Point.

JERMAINE MCKENZIE - WR 6'1 - 164, Bradenton, Fla.

Jermaine McKenzie and Bradenton had a bye week.

''We had an off week and I wanted to get up to 'Bama but I wasn't able to work everything out. It's a long trip but I wanted to come up and watch them play and enjoy being around the team and fans,'' McKenzie said. ''Right now I know I'm taking my official to the Auburn game. I hope to make it up there before then but it's not that easy with me having a game on Friday nights. But I'm keeping up with how the team does.''
Next Up: Bradenton (0-2) travels to Gateway Charter High School.

SHEROD MURDOCK - DB 5'11 - 165, Tampa, Fla.

Middleton lost to Plant 31-7 with Sherod Murdock totaling three solo tackles, two pass break-ups and an interception.

''Those guys are a strong team and Robert (Marve) was great the whole night. We threw everything we had at them but he controlled the game and did a great job. It hurts to lose anytime by that score but I'm glad for him,'' Murdock said. ''I had kidded him earlier about throwing the ball at me. I told him I was going to pick one and I did. I got him last year also. That's something that we can laugh at while we are Alabama together.''
Next Up: Middleton (1-2) travels to Tampa Bay Technical High School.

MICHAEL RICKS - DB 6'2 - 195, Boonesville, Ms.

Ricks record 7 tackles, three pass break-ups and a caused fumble in NECC's 42-7 loss to Gulf Coast Community College.

''It wasn't pretty we just got beat pretty bad. That was pretty much it. They were better and we couldn't stop them. They were mostly using the running game but I think they threw one TD pass but it wasn't on me,'' Ricks said. ''We have to come together. I knew we would struggle a little but we have to play better as a team. The defense has to get some big stops and the offense has to get some points on the board.''
Next Up: Northeast (0-2) has a bye week.

JAMAR TAYLOR - RB 5'9 - 204, Lakeland, Fla.

Lakeland remained undefeated with a 34-7 win over Winter Haven. Taylor totaled ?? yard rushing.

''It was a good game for us and the team we played was very physical which is what we needed. Although we played better than last week we still need to be more consistent because we have our hands full this week,'' Lakeland assistant coach Dan Talbot said. ''Jamar was really big for us. He does all the little things we need him to and if we need a tough yard or a big block he gets it for us. He is a totally unselfish kid and that makes his special.''
Next Up: Lakeland (3-0) travels to Cincinnati, Ohio to play St. Xavier High School.

PATRICK CRUMP - OG 6'3 - 285, Hoover, Ala.

The Hoover Bucs, the nation's No. 1 team kept rolling with a 45-12 win at home over Carver-Birmingham.

''We just keep on rolling. With us being such a high profile team we have to be ready every night and our coaches do a good job of making sure we are. But with the guys on the team we don't need a lot of encouragement,'' Crump said. ''We know what is at stake every time we go out on that field and we aren't going to let anything get in our way. We made a lot of sacrifices this year and we are looking at every game as our championship game.''
Next Up: Hoover (2-0) travels to Spain Park.

WILLIAM VLACHOS - OG 6'2 - 287, Mountain Brook, Ala.

Mt. Brook and William Vlachos suffered their second last minute loss in as many weeks when the Spartans dropped a 36-32 contest to Spain Park.

''I can't believe we lost like that two weeks in a row. They drove the ball down in the end and beat us. We couldn't get the spot and that stings pretty bad. With a few breaks we could be undefeated instead of looking for our first win,'' Vlachos said. ''But we have to pick it up from here and learn to finish games. As a team we have to play four quarters on both sides of the ball. We've got the talent and it's still early.''
Next Up: Mt. Brook (0-2) hits the road for the first time when they travel to Minor.

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