September 19, 2006

Wicks calls WVU defense a work in progress

MORGANTOWN--In the summer, then-spur Eric Wicks was asked to assess the leadership shown on the WVU defense, now that 2005 MVP Mike Lorello was gone.

"It's good, but it could be better," Wicks, a propped senior who will likely earn an additional year in 2007 due to academics, said.

Three games into the 2006 season, the now-bandit was asked again. Was he grading himself last summer in the leadership skills? Had he and the team, which is ranked 39th in the nation in total defense and 20th versus the score, improved on the Big L.

"I feel like I'm a leader, but sometimes I feel like I should do a little more as far as practice, talk to the guys. Help them out a little more in practice so when games come around, there's not much more to say.

"I feel now I'm a little better, yet I still can get better. You can always improve. I'm trying to focus on already knowing what I have to do so I can help everybody else know what they have to do," said Wicks.

In terms of general leadership, Wicks said he has been impressed with new free safety Quinton Andrews. Andrews has nabbed two INTs this season, but suffered a costly personal foul against Maryland. He was flagged as he yapped with an official.

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