September 20, 2006

Insider Report: Bowden asks for indoor facility

For the first time since the season started, the Seminole football team was able to get in full back to back practices. The ability to complete consecutive outdoor workouts without being rushed indoors because of inclement weather was a welcomed change for the coaching staff and players. That's because several times within the last three weeks practices were moved into the cramped turf room as a result of lightning in the area.

"It's got to be seven or eight days we've missed all or half of since we started two-a-days," defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews said. "That's big because kids aren't getting better when they can't go work... Like yesterday and today, we had to push our people like crazy to get back into the habit of running to the ball and finishing plays. Missed assignments and missed tackles happen when you can't get out and work on them and see what you need to do in space."

A rainy September in Tallahassee really put a crimp on the team's preparations for both the Troy and Clemson games. In fact, nearly half of the practices were conducted indoors.

"We practiced (outside) for a day and a half for Troy because of the short week and the rain," head coach Bobby Bowden said. "Last week we got two and a half practices in. One afternoon when we were going to throw the ball, that's when then lightning came. We can't get anything out of that rubber (turf) room up there as far as throwing the ball. Maybe that is hurting our timing."

Missing practice time because of lousy weather is nothing new in football but what has changed is technology. In the past, thunderstorms were generally ignored unless lightning was practically on top of the practice field. Nowadays with safety concerns and advanced radar systems, the players are ushered indoors when there is lightning in the area or sometimes just based on the threat of lightning.

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