September 22, 2006

UCLA looks ready to go

The last practice in preparation for Washington came and went. Now all is left is a walk-thru, then the kickoff and UCLA football will be back after a bye week. The last practice of the week was solid and the team looks to be ready for the Huskies in what is turning out to be a very important contest for both programs.

UCLA head coach Karl Dorrell met with the media and he seemed very confident about his team.

The Huskies present a more traditional challenge on both offense and defense with the added wrinkle of a quarterback who makes things happen with his feet as well as his arm.

The Bruins once again practiced with crowd noise.

Is the offense that you will see on Saturday more of what you will see the rest of the year that's not as crazy as Utah?

Dorrell: "Washington does both. They spread you out, they do that and run some gun offense that the quarterback is the featured guy. They do some of that and they also do some traditional formations too, they do both.

"I think it depends on how well they are doing at any particular area. I know they are leading the conference in rushing and a lot of it is the quarterback making plays, but they also have a back who has pretty good yardage, too. They do some conventional things."

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