September 25, 2006

Matt Nader - In his own words

It's been a little more than one week since Matt Nader suffered what is being called a lethal heart arrhythmia in Westlake's game against A&M Consolidated.

Everyone knows the story by now - Nader, a Longhorn commitment, collapsed on the sideline of the game while sitting down talking with his coaches. His parents, both doctors, began CPR and a defibrillator was used to restart his heart before the talented offensive line prospect was transported by ambulance to the hospital.

After a barrage of tests came up with no conclusive answers, an internal defibrillator was installed into Nader's chest, and his football playing career came to a close.

We caught up with the future Longhorn for a Q&A:

Can you talk about your emotions with the whole situation?

Football was a huge part of my life and it ended so abruptly. One second I'm a football player and then I can't play any more. It hurts really bad. But something I've also realized and I've learned that there are many other things other than football in this world. I've realized that, and that's really helped. And people that I don't even know will tell me that there will be other things in life. The way people, my friends, my family have treated me - it's wonderful.

Have you been able to settle into a routine that works for you?

Last week I didn't go to practice just to kind of rest my incision and keep away from infections. This week I'm going to go to the practices and hopefully I can get a little coaching in. I'll be working with the offensive line, with coach (Steve) Ramsey the offensive line coach. I'll be there every day. We practice during school and there's one after school. I'll be there and I'm going to go to the games, go to the team dinner on Thursday nights. I'm excited.

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