September 29, 2006

Fox looking for improvement in his game

Jason Fox Q&A

Q: Evaluate your own play so far this year.

Fox: I'm not completely satisfied yet. I've made plenty of technique mistakes. Overall I've done okay. But I have a lot of improvement to do, a long way to go to get where I want to be.

Q: With Reggie Youngblood back healthy you'll move back to right tackle. Which side do you like more?

Fox: Technique-wise I'm comfortable at both. That's not a real big issue to me as long as I'm on the field. Playing left vs. right, it's just backwards, just the steps and stuff. All the steps are different.

Q: How is the offensive line playing as a unit?

Fox: We all have a lot of improvement to make. Those guys play real hard and are great teammates. Every day we're striving to get better. We'll be where we want to be.

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