September 28, 2006

Dirk Koetter conference call Q&A

Arizona State coach Dirk Koetter spoke with reporters during a teleconference this week about the play of his team versus Cal, the confidence level of his starting quarterback, the devastating injury to the most veteran of players on the roster and how to shift the offensive line around as a result. He also spoke about his team's success running the football and this week's opponent, the Oregon Ducks. Read Koetter's quotes from the conference call.

On concern about Rudy Carpenter's confidence:

"I've been asked that a lot the last few days. Rudy was down after the game. He had a rough day and Rudy's a tremendous competitor. Rudy's one of those guys where if he's talking to the media after the game he's always going to say exactly what he's thinking at the time and sometimes he doesn't think it all the way through. Rudy got off to a fast start in his career, he had the worst day of his career, he's 7-2 as a starter. I look at that is everybody has a bad day and that was a bad one for him and we've got to move on … We have things we've got to get corrected in the passing game but I'm not overly concerned with Rudy's confidence. He'll be back."

On a comment made that the receivers are not consistently doing a good job of helping him out a lot:

"That would be a true statement. But if you're going to play quarterback in an offense like ours, the ultimate responsibility is on the quarterback. The receivers are not playing as consistently as they need to. But again, the quarterback's got to control the football. Rudy knows that."

On Andrew Carnahan:

"It doesn't look good for Andrew Carnahan. He had an MRI yesterday and the knee over Saturday night, or between Sunday and Monday even, got a lot of swelling in it and it does not look good. Probably done for the season with some sort of ACL injury but they're still not sure, but it does not look good. A very bad bone bruise on top of a probable torn ACL."

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