September 29, 2006

Five Questions with DJ Hall

BamaOnline sat down with Tide wide receiver DJ Hall for a quick interview about the upcoming contest with the Florida Gators, his connection with Keith Brown and more.

Q: How do you feel about the 2006 season so far?

DJ: It's been going pretty good. I think the biggest thing for most guys was watching film on Florida. It got Arkansas out of our minds real quick and everyone's got a good attitude now. We've been reading all the quotes from Florida, the coaches have them hanging up on the wall. That gets us motivated to come out here and work hard. They aren't giving us any respect and they think there's going to be some huge difference because we're playing at Florida. I don't know though, the grass is green on every field…except for Boise.

Q: What does it mean to you to play in Florida this week?

DJ: It's exciting for me. I know a lot of people in Fort Walton are big Florida fans and I'm pretty sure I'll be getting plenty of phone calls. When I was being recruited, Florida kind of forgot about me and Alabama stuck with me. Anytime a team does you like that, you're going to want the chance to play them and show them what they missed. I'm going to let all my actions do my talking for me and hopefully I can go out there and have my best game yet.

Q: How did you feel about your performance against Arkansas?

DJ: I felt good about it. We worked hard all week during practice. Our coaches kept telling us if we beat the jam, there was no limit to what we can do. I think me and Keith and all the receivers did a real good job of that and that's why we were able to throw the ball so well.

Q: What kind of challenges will the Florida defense pose to you?

DJ: I don't think they're as aggressive as Arkansas was. Arkansas was in our faces every snap whereas Florida bails a lot and plays some cover-three. Arkansas just played us man the whole game but we'll get to open up more this week. I think we've got a good chance this week to put up bigger numbers than we did against Arkansas.

Q: How has your on-field relationship with Keith Brown changed since last season?

DJ: I think me and Keith are a whole lot more experienced. We see things a lot clearer, we know what's coming and we know what to look for. We kind of know when one another is going to be open. We have a connection out there. The biggest part of it might be John Parker [Wilson], who is really shocking a lot of people right now.

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