September 29, 2006

Boise St preview

When you are a "mid-major" like the Utes are, it's rare that you get another chance to prove yourself after blowing your first opportunity. But guess what, the roulette wheel has landed on red again, allowing Utah to get back in the BCS-buster picture. But that is only if they can win consecutive games against Top-25 opponents. Starting the gauntlet will be old nemesis Boise State. In 1998 and 1999 the Broncos tainted promising Ute seasons by upsetting Utah, winning the two games by a combined nine points under current Arizona State head coach Dirk Koetter. So not only are the Utes competing against the No. 22 team in the country on Saturday, they are competing with a couple of nasty moments in their football history. Luckily it shouldn't be too much of a mental issue for the players, since most of them weren't even in high school back then.

While the Utes had their hearty Lumberjack-Aggie-Aztec feast over the past few weeks, they managed to get a bit banged up. Soli Lefiti is out with a knee injury, giving way to a three-way platoon at the five-technique defensive end spot. Casey Sutera will start, with Greg Newman and Alex Puccinelli also seeing snaps. With Gabe Long looking extremely impressive for having been on the team two weeks, it's possible he could get some time over on the end as well.

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