October 1, 2006

Searching for answers

WACO, Texas - Afterward, after it was all over and after Kansas State became the first team in the entire history of the Big 12 Conference to fail to score a touchdown against Baylor, somewhere in the innards of Floyd Casey Stadium, players indicated they weren't prepared, lacked direction and appeared surprised first-year head coach Ron Prince decided to make an important change. And that the media learned about it first.

The preparation: "We may have not been as prepared as we wanted to," defensive end Ian Campbell said.

The direction: "These next 48 hours are going to be crucial as far as where we're going to be come next Saturday," running back Thomas Clayton said.

The tragedy: (Picture eyes the size of flipping large pizzas when players were asked to comment on Prince's decision to go with true freshman Josh Freeman instead of fifth-year senior Dylan Meier "for the foreseeable future," or if players even knew about the change…)

"Oh wow," said Clayton, a good friend of Meier's. "I was unaware of that completely."

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