October 8, 2006

Q&A with Joe Tereshinski

Senior quarterback Joe Tereshinski made his third
start of the season in the Tennessee game after missing three games with an
ankle injury. UGASports caught up with Tereshinski to ask him about the game.

UGASports: What was the difference offensively
from the first half to the second half?

Tereshinski: "They brought some
different blitzes, but the coaches did a great job of talking and communicating
to us about what was going on. They were not doing anything we could not block
and we were still driving the ball well and we were still making some plays,
but whenever I felt like we were getting things going we turned the ball over."

UGASports: Did you feel like this was
two different games comparing the first and second halves?

Tereshinski: "Looking back on it
yeah, but you know coming into a game that it is going to be four quarters.
We need to be ready to play a full game. At the start, I think we did, but we
let momentum take over us and we could never get back."

UGASports: Did Tennessee change how they
were defending you from the first to the second half?

Tereshinski: "Not too much. We
decided to protect a little differently and go hot a couple of different places
and that lead to some turnovers. Ultimately that is what killed us was turnovers,
that is really what shifted the momentum and you cannot do that in a big game."

UGASports: How did you feel in the first
half of the game?

Tereshinski: "I felt great and
really alive. I was anxious to get out there. Everyone was like that and the
electricity around this place was incredible. If the ball was thrown to you
it seemed like they were going up and grabbing it. That was great to see and
it was fun to get out there and play that kind of game. In the second half,
things did not really go our way. We needed to find the momentum and we just
never found it."

UGASports: How big was it to have the
receivers come down with catches consistently for the first time this season?

Tereshinski: "That is big, it really
is. I think that is going to help them with their confidence and we still have
a lot to play for. Tennessee has one loss, we have one loss, and everything
is still up for grabs because it is early in the season. The biggest thing we
can do is go back and try and fix our mistakes."

UGASports: Is it easier to swallow this
loss because most years the SEC East Champion has one loss?

Tereshinski: "We know it is still
early and you never know what is going to happen, especially with so many teams
do well nowadays. There is a lot of excitement in the SEC and it is early and
we still have a lot to play for."

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