October 15, 2006

For Wright G'Town is eventual right choice - Pt 2

October 15, 2006 - Chris Wright's mother, Diane, loves the fact both her sons are playing locally (Older brother O.J. is a Bowie State student-athlete), but is happy with her son's decision, because as she put it, "Georgetown is right for a lot of reasons, not just because it's here."

Chief amongst those is the way Thompson conducts the program. "I think I have pretty good instincts, and what I know of him, I'm pretty impressed" shared Mrs. Wright. "He just has a certain aura about him, and I like what he represents. The way they talked to us about the way they handled their kids and the way the ball players handle themselves on campus, I just love that. I'm a little old school."

Paul DeStefano, St. John's College High School's decorated coach, is equally bullish on Chris' decision. "It's very exciting. I'm certainly proud for him" he stated. "He's certainly deserving of every accolade he's gotten, and he's got such a bright future at Georgetown."

Surprisingly, a consensus top national ranking was not one of those accolades. Chris, to his benefit, is non-plussed about not being as highly ranked as many believe he should: "Rankings are people's opinions. People can have their opinions about certain things. Not to make excuses for myself, but I had just gotten back from a very tough sickness, and I'm just getting back to 100 percent. I didn't have the summer I was looking forward to, but that's not what matters.

"I still had to make a great choice, pick between some great schools. And the rankings aren't what counts, it's what college coaches think what you can do. I know I was capable of doing more, but physically I wasn't there yet. Mentally I was there, but physically I didn't have the capacity to do it. That's what happens, that's life. You have to keep going, keep working hard."

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