October 18, 2006

Turkovich rebounds from 'scary injury'

Fellow offensive linemen Paul Duncan and Eric Olsen picked Michael Turkovich up from the grass outside of O'Neill Hall, trying to hurry him along.

Notre Dame's No. 2 offense was in the midst of a two-minute drill, so time was of the essence.

But Turkovich wasn't ready to be picked up off the ground, let alone continue playing. He had been part of a pile of bodies on the turf when a football cleat slammed into the side of his neck.

The next thing Turkovich remembered, he was listening to Charlie Weis trying to put his mind at ease.

"It was definitely scary," recalled Turkovich of the Aug. 15 incident. "When it happened, I didn't really know what was going on. I got picked up off the ground, went to the next play, and the next thing I know Coach Weis is telling me everything is going to be okay. After that everything was blurry."

The tape never really did reveal who or how Turkovich was kicked in the side of the neck. But the left side of his body went numb. Turkovich was placed on a backboard, ushered into an ambulance and whisked away to a local hospital.

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