October 21, 2006

Horns get a leg up

How fortunate were the Horns in this one?

Wow. On paper, it looked like Texas might win this game fairly easily, but that certainly was not the case. This was a game in which the outcome that could have swung on any one of about 15 plays, and Texas was really fortunate to pick up the win.

Whether it be Aaron Ross' forced fumble, walk-on kicker Ryan Bailey's first ever field goal attempt for the game winner, or Kasey Studdard's fumble recover that kept Texas' game-winning drive alive (to name but a few plays), this game was an inch or two away from slipping away.

Fans are up in arms about some elements of this game, including the Horns' inability to make plays in the red zone, but the bottom line is that the team made the plays necessary to win. As they say, champions overcome, and that's exactly what Texas did on Saturday.

We said last week that Texas had plenty of room for improvement, and that remains true after the win over Nebraska. We also pointed out that no team is going to be flawless week in and week out. And as hard as it is to accept at times, this team isn't in the same league as last year's national champion squad (how many team in the history of college football are, really?) and it's going to hit some road bumps in every single game.

Texas has suffered some significant injuries, including losing some guys that impacted the team's short-yardage decisions on Saturday. But the bottom line is that the Longhorns picked up a very difficult road win against a very good Nebraska team. And despite the negative elements that this game presented at first blush, next week the check in the win column is all that will matter.

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