October 23, 2006

Durant is taking it all in stride

Kevin Durant can score the basketball with anyone. He can grab rebounds and lead the break and block a shot out of nowhere, but can he handle the vast expectations that come with being the highest ranked prospect to ever suit up for the Texas basketball program? If his attitude and ability to see the big picture is any indication at the Texas media day, then Durant will not skip a beat with the lofty expectations that have been placed upon the 6-foot-9 small forward.

What has been the biggest adjustment you have had to make since arriving in Austin?

Just that everybody at this level is good. The pace of the game is so much faster. I just have to get used to that once the seasons starts.

Are Texas fans going to see Kevin Durant grab a defensive rebound and lead the fast break?

Oh yeah, a lot of times. That's what I want to do man. Today, I was watching video edits of Tracy McGrady in the coaches' office and all I saw was him just grab it and go. So that is what I want to do. That's what Damion is going to do, Justin Mason is going to do, and that is what everybody is going to do. That is why we are going to have five players on the court that are quick and athletic.

Have people started recognizing you around campus yet?

Oh no. I'm not big time like football players man (laughing). I really don't like the attention. I mean it's okay, but I would rather it be as it is now.

Are people looking at you to keep the program where it has been the last several years?

It's not all me man. Once they lost all of those guys (Aldridge, Tucker and Gibson), they looked at D.J. Augustin, Damion James, Craig Winder and A.J. Abrams, so it's not all me. It's more on my teammates than me because I have to get them the ball and they have to get me the ball and it's a team sport.

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