October 29, 2006

Players weigh in on Lee and the QB situation

With the offense struggling this season, it was a breath of fresh air to see Xavier Lee spark the offense Saturday night at Maryland. Several FSU players includind Drew Weatherford chime in on Lee's peformance and potential. "I loved it. I hope they give him the spot. I think he deserves to be the starter after the game he played."

Buster Davis

Whether he was surprised at Lee's breakout performance in his first start?

"I knew it. I said when he gets that chance and he feels comfortable. It's different coming in third quarter, coming in fourth quarter it's different. When you get that start and you are running the show from the first play until the last play, that's when that confidence kicks in."

On how he knew Lee would be successful when he got his shot:

"He was special in high school and barely ever played in the fourth quarter because he was so good. And he had no receivers and they were about this tall (short). You saw that his accuracy was very good last night. He was just hitting guys on the run and created options we haven't had here in a while with his feet. He would roll out of the pocket, look and then buy some more time. The last time somebody could really buy some time like that and run the ball was Charlie Ward. To do what he did last night was almost in a sense it looked like Charlie Ward. He's a bigger model of Charlie Ward."

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