November 2, 2006

Five questions with Iowa State expert

The Jayhawks are looking to keep their bowl hopes alive when they head to Ames this weekend. The Cyclones have suffered some tough losses to injuries, but will have the home field advantage. Jayhawk Slant brings you a look from the Iowa State viewpoint how this gane will play out.

How do you think the attitude of the Iowa State players are?

There's really been no sign of quitting or bad chemistry, nothing beyond what would be obvious frustration at a season that is not playing out as expected. Even when players are coaches are saying all the right things, there are times when guards are let down that you can tell all is not right.

But in this case, I think they are not only saying the right things, but they are being genuine. Now that's not to say that everything is wonderful because when you're 0-5 and 3-6, everything isn't wonderful. But everything I hear in confidence is pretty much what we're hearing on the record, too, that it's a team with good chemistry and there is still a good focus on winning three games to end the year and sneak into a bowl game.

What are the key injuries and how have they impacted the team?

They are starting to become too many to recite. Defensively, linebacker Adam Carper and cornerback DeAndre Jackson have been lost to season-ending knee injuries and surgeries. Offensively, the Cyclones lost running back Stevie Hicks indefinitely a couple of weeks ago and receiver Jon Davis is also out indefinitely as of last week.

Hicks hurt a knee against Texas Tech and Davis suffered a collapsed lung vs. K-State.

Todd Blythe is not injured but he's been very ill and missed the KSU game and his prognosis for coming back is sketchy at best. ISU also lost starting guard Tom Schmeling. It's really hard to say how the injuries have impacted ISU because the Cyclones were not playing well before all these guys got hurt and they continue to not play well.

But that is really too much talent to take out of the picture and not have it impact the team in a negative way.

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