November 9, 2006

Bruins press on

It's truly an amazing thing to see that a team such as UCLA this season has been able to stay pumped up and playing hard. Many teams that faced with the same problems would have quit. Not this team. The effort is still there. The intensity is still there and the energy is still there. That is a testimony to the coaches and the character of the players.

UCLA coach Karl Dorrell was pleased with his team's effort after practice.

Dorrell: "It was a good practice. I just like what I'm seeing. I think we have a lot of energy out here and we are practicing hard and looking forward to playing.

"There was some good spirited contact work we're doing. The scout team is doing a nice job of giving us good scout work on our opponent. Things are going pretty good.

How did Ben Olson look today?

Dorrell: "He didn't have any setbacks at all from yesterday. He is still sore, he said he was sore but the biggest thing is his knee didn't stiffen up. He felt for himself that was a good sign.

"He was in there getting the two reps today and looked good throwing. He was a little rusty here and there. I think with more practice time he will get himself into the fold here.

Are you confident that Ben could be in at No. 2 for this week?

Dorrell: "You know, I would like too, it sounds like he didn't have a setback from yesterday so we're going to give him the opportunity to be there if he can.

"We will see how the week ends up. I know I want to take him to the hotel and travel with us, suit him up. I'm not sure if he really feels comfortable playing right now. I don't think he's at that point, but I think with more practice time he will get his confidence going too."

What's keeping him out isn't really the rust but the knee?

Dorrell: "It's the knee. It's his mobility. He's still working through that. He doesn't feel he has his quickness and things like that and that's important, that's how you elude people and all that stuff. He knows he's not 100 percent so he's trying to get himself back as quickly as possible. We don't want to force that yet. We want to continue to bring him along in the offense.

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