November 22, 2006

Tereshinski Talks Georgia Football

Senior quarterback Joe Tereshinski has been around
the Georgia football program all his life and is a third generation Bulldogs.
UGASports caught up with Tereshinski to ask him about his final season in Athens
and his memories of the Georgia-Georgia Tech rivalry.

UGASports: How long have you wanted
to play for Georgia?

Tereshinski: "Since I could talk,
I don't really know probably since I can remember things. I have had a
great time here and I have no regrets."

UGASports: What was the first game you

Tereshinski: "The earliest I can
remember is Greg Talley's last couple of years and I
cannot not remember a specific game. It was 1989 or 1990 and the first bowl
I remember was in Shreveport at the Independence Bowl in 1991 (Georgia defeated
Arkansas 24-15). I can remember some games before that."

UGASports: Was Eric Zeier the first
player to take you under his wing at Georgia?

Tereshinski: "Being the age I was
he was the guy I looked up to and he was quote unquote my hero so to speak.
I modeled myself after him and that is who is was when I was playing pick up
games and those were exciting times here at Georgia. I think that feed the fire
provoking that dream I had."

UGASports: Do you want to get in the
game in your last home game in Sanford Stadium?

Tereshinski: "I just want to win
and I do not care about a courtesy rep in the game. That does not interest me
too much."

UGASports: What will your feeling be
like when you get introduced before the game with the senior class and all the
players you have been with for the last four or five years?

Tereshinski: "I think I will be
focused on starting the game rather than ceremony."

UGASports: What was the high point for
you this season?

Tereshinski: "Probably the Tennessee
game coming out there with all that adrenaline rolling and the atmosphere. It
was a great time in the first half of that game."

UGASports: What was the low point for

Tereshinski: "For me it was after
the Vanderbilt game, but that is life and you go onto new things keep on pushing
and keep fighting and that is what I try to do."

UGASports: Do you feel like you got
a fair chance this season because of what happened in South Carolina and your

Tereshinski: "That is football,
injuries happen, I was given my job back and was given a chance, and things
did not happen the way they were supposed to for me. The way that I look at

UGASports: How would you like to be
remembered as a player at Georgia?

Tereshinski: "I do not think about
that too much. I just do my job and try to have fun doing it and I do not worry
about anything else. I have not really focused on my time here and I have been
focused on Georgia Tech. There is a real hatred of those guys in this place
and especially in my family. At the beginning of the game, I will not be focused
on the fact that this is my last game in Sanford Stadium I will worry about
that afterwards."

UGASports: How important is this game
to you?

Tereshinski: "Beating Tech and
never losing to them, that is something I want. It would be hard for me to think
my dad and granddad had a perfect record against Tech, but I am not sure.

UGASports: Where do you think you will
be next year?

Tereshinski: "Working somewhere,
but I have no idea where right now. I would like to get into the financial or
risk management field. Hopefully I can work with some business somewhere. This
fall was really geared toward school and football and I need to sit down and
think about where I want to be in five years. I do not even know where to start
and I think I will take the spring to analyze that situation."

UGASports: Are you interested in coaching?

Tereshinski: "No,"

UGASports: Did any of the criticism
of the team earlier in the season filter down to you personally?

Tereshinski: "Not really, when
you are at Georgia and in a quarterback race nearly the entire time you are
here the media will write a lot of stuff and not all of it is true to your eyes.
To tell the truth I have not really read a paper in a while and I think that
gears me towards what is going on here and not the outside world. I will keep
on doing what I have been doing here."

UGASports: Some people were surprised
to see you cheerleading for your team at Auburn given all that happened what
do you say to those people?

Tereshinski: "We were moving the
ball and it was exciting because we had not done that in a while and we put
in a lot of hours over here so when things are going that well you get excited
and you have to enjoy it."

UGASports: Have you spoken with your
brother John Tereshinski about playing Wake Forest in the Chik fil-A
Bowl or the Music City Bowl?

Tereshinski: "We have joked around
a little bit at the beginning of the season, but no. The only way we would be
able to meet is in a game like that. I hope they win out and go to the Orange
Bowl, so hopefully we will not play them."

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