December 16, 2006

Insider Report: Team gets back to work

It's been 16 years since Florida State did not play its bowl game on New Year's Day or later. The last time was the 1990 Blockbuster Bowl, played on December 29th, against Penn State. Since then it's been one major bowl game after another. With this year's bowl taking place nearly a week earlier than normal, the practice schedule has been a little different. After practicing just two days last weekend, the team took the next six days off for final exams. They finally returned to the field Saturday morning for a full workout in pads.

With fewer days to prepare for its bowl opponent, Bobby Bowden and his staff have tweaked the practice schedule and feel they will have plenty of preparation time.

"We might lose a day of practice, but we can double-up and make up for it," Bowden said. "We're going to double-up Monday and Tuesday. If we need to double-up another day we will. But we get about the same amount of time on the field that we normally get."

It hasn't been since August that the football team had a two-a-day practice but that's something most of the players are taking in stride.

"It should get us back into football mode," linebacker Lawrence Timmons said. "I feel fresh (with the week off) and I have to thank the Lord that I didn't have any major injuries like my teammates."

With no practices since last Saturday and the players consumed with final exams, most of the coaching staff have been busy on the recruiting trail. Despite FSU having its worst season in 30 years with a 6-6 record, Bowden insists they are getting the same positive response from prospects and their families.

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