December 21, 2006

Coordinator Q&A: Raheem Morris

Kansas State's Raheem Morris had to learn on the fly as a first-year defensive coordinator for the Wildcats, but the youthful and energetic coach, who came to Manhattan from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, said he wasn't surprised by anything he saw in 2006. In this first segment of two Coordinator Q&A's today Morris talks about his first year at K-State as he helps prepare the Wildcats for the Texas Bowl.

Could you put the ups and downs of the year into perspective?
"Well, you never can get too up or down, just have to move on and go through the whole process. You just enjoy the growth and the development of the team, just coach them up and do the best you can do every week."

Can you grade this defensive football team?
"I don't know if you can grade this team, because they kind of set the standard right now. They are the standard setters. They'll be the group that will bring this thing back. The grades probably won't be able to be given out until a couple of years and we see where we've gotten. Hopefully we can look back at this year and see that we've laid down something positive at K-State."

Have there been two or three tremendous bright spots?
"I would have to say that the whole unit is a bright spot. Those guys really give effort. Of course there are guys that stand out more to others, that's just obvious in football. These guys all play together and play with passion. They do that all of the time."

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