December 29, 2006

UA vs. Cal: Post-game Thoughts

First off, I completely expected the game to go as it did early on. Arizona had a week off and any time that happens, there is going to be some rust that needs to wear off.

I think the Wildcats played well, though the early defense was obviously disheartening. The big thing that I continue to wonder is how Arizona will respond to a team that is actually hitting its three point attempts.

Arizona currently seems content to let the opposing team shoot three-pointers, and it is hard to blame the Wildcats because none of their opponents have really hit them.

However, the question of how Arizona will respond is something that will hang over the team until the answer is seen.

One thing that can not be questioned is the efficiency of Arizona's offense. The team simply knows how to score and does so well. Whether it is on the break or in the half court, Arizona is going to score a substantial amount of points each night.

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