January 7, 2007

Bruins Fall In Eugene

"They're going to zone us all year." That was the comment Josh Shipp made to his teammates five hours after the Bruins lost their first game of the season, a 68-66 defeat at the hands of 16th ranked and once beaten Oregon.

At different times during Saturday's contest, UCLA looked flat out bad in pretty much every area a basketball team can look bad in.

They didn't defend well in the first half, allowing the Ducks to shoot 70 percent from the floor; they didn't take care of the basketball, suffering through a terrible 17:11 assist-to-turnover ratio, and they didn't shoot the ball well from the field, finishing the game at only 41 percent overall, a number which included 15 missed three-pointers and several blown lay-up opportunities.

When you go on the road, you can't expect to get the benefit of even officiating, and clearly the Bruins fell victim to that fact on Saturday, but they also didn't play well enough to earn a win in a tough environment.

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