January 10, 2007

Expectations for Bowman?

Last time the Kansas Jayhawks saw Adarius Bowman, he caught 13 passes for 300 yards and four touchdowns and almost single-handedly beat the blue bloods from Lawrence.

And tonight, KU will see Bowman again. This time, however, he should be a little less lethal. That's what warming the bench will do to you.

Lucky for those basketball Hawks, huh?
(Just what would 300 yards and four scores equate to in the basketball world? Something like 40 points and five blocks?)

The Tennessee native officially joined the Oklahoma State basketballers this week, coming in to give the Pokes depth on the bench and another body on the practice floor.

But other than that? Who knows. He has a solid basketball background, but it's too much to ask anyone - no matter the talent level - to come into a new situation and contribute immediately. I don't think the Pokes are expecting much from Bowman.

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