January 16, 2007

Leach begins in-home visits

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Jerrod Gooch, the huge lineman from Vidor was visited on Monday by Mike Leach, Jack Bicknell Jr., and Dana Holgerson. Gooch had nothing but positive things to say about the visit, saying it went "great."

"Well it was going good," he said, before exploding into laughter. "But then my mom had to start asking all her questions. You know how moms are. She was grilling Coach Leach and Coach Bicknell about academics and the dorms and all that stuff. It was pretty funny. So I just sat there and talked to Coach Holgerson. They're all just really cool guys."

Gooch said Bicknell Jr., who his family is very fond of due to his older brother playing for him in college, spent about two and a half hours with his family, while Leach and Holgerson were there for about two hours.


The talented brother of Aggie Kerry Franks, Jacoby, saw the same trio of Tech staffers as Gooch, plus Dennis Simmons.

Said Franks, "Oh man it was really fun. I mean, all those guys are cool, but Dennis Simmons, that cat is really cool. I had a blast with those guys. I had a chance to ask them a bunch of questions about Tech and all that, and I really liked what I heard. It got me pretty excited. It wasn't my first time to meet Coach Leach, but that guy is hilarious. I think I'm going to love playing for those coaches."

Franks also explained that he's known Gooch for some time now, as the two live about five minutes apart, according to Franks.

Franks also said he was glad to have someone he knew going with him to Tech.

Both Franks and Gooch talked in detail about their visit plans for this coming weekend and some of their perceptions of the Tech program.

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