January 17, 2007

Opinion: Bench should get a chance

One of the things that has really seemed to hurt Arizona this season is the complete lack of bench. It is no secret that the Wildcat starters have played several minutes, but it is a bit frustrating to see the bench players basically get no chance to improve.

Eventually Arizona is going to need a bench. There is going to be a player that gets in foul trouble or a game in which the players are just too tired to play for the entire game. When this day comes, the bench will be unprepared if the game planning continues as it had.

Whether it is Jordan Hill, Daniel Dillon, Nic Wise, Fendi Onobun, or a combination among the four, Arizona's bench deserves more of an opportunity to make an impact.

Often times in sports there is a discussion about how confidence can affect a player so drastically. However, it is really difficult to see how the bench can have that much confidence when the players' leashes are so tight.

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