January 17, 2007

Monk addresses media regarding change

Rising senior wide receiver Marcus Monk, who owns several school records, called a press conference Wednesday to address the state of the program after hearing some things through the media, fans and friends that he says are untrue. The following is a transcript, in its entirety, of that press conference.

"I called Kevin this morning. I'd watched the news and everything and was hearing a lot of things that really wasn't true. So, first of all, I want to say the team is not in any kind of disarray. We came off a 10-and-4 season. I feel that we're stronger now than every. We're just a band of brothers now. We lost a few, but that doesn't affect what we still have. No matter what happens with the coaches or anything, it still has to run through the players out there on the field, and we've been working extremely hard, and we're going to work even harder to try and better ourselves for next season.

"It can get distracting, but we had a team meeting last night before coach had his meeting and everything. In the meeting, me and Marcus Harrison, we stood up, and we told everybody there could be some changes, but don't let them get to you because as long as we have each other everything will be good.

"We hate to lose them, but they did what they had to. No grudge to no one. You've got to move on. We're a talented bunch, and once we get our coaching and the OC that we will have and sit down, we'll be perfect.

"I wouldn't say it's better for the program. You don't want anybody to leave, but then again if they're not happy here then you don't want them around because it can be like a cancer. It can spread. You don't want to lose anyone, but if that's what they felt they needed to do, you know coach said he was going to let them. We've just got to move on, and no hard feelings towards anyone. We're still together. We're Arkansas. We're always going to be together.

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