January 25, 2007

Wildcats break out of slump

Up until the Arizona State game, the Wildcats had been struggling in numerous areas, while fans searched for answers. However, the UA had trouble finding those answers against teams as good as UCLA, USC, and others.

Thus, when the Wildcats were able to take on the Sun Devils and win with relative ease, it seems that the UA may have gotten things back on track.

There are many positive things to take away from the game, but the big story seems to be the play of Jordan Hill. Hill has always had the potential for a game like this but it seemed as if he was never able to finish his dunks or see enough court time to get into a rhythm.

That all changed Wednesday when Hill finally had his breakout game. Hill's game may not be very polished, but he is pure power going up with the ball and his athleticism makes him very difficult to stop. It may be just one game, but it will be hard not to make him an integral part of the team now.

Hill may have simply needed more minutes in order to find a groove, thus it will be interesting to see how much he plays against North Carolina. The guess here is that he plays a considerable amount of minutes and he certainly deserves it after Wednesday night.

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