February 8, 2007

Super Daven

It only takes a matter of minutes in your first conversation with Dick Bennett to realize that he's a frank and honest man. A handshake agreement with him is as solid as oak. He gives everything to you straight, like a doctor delivering bad news to a patient's family.

But when the future of the Washington State basketball program made a house call to Bennett's property in Pullman, the former Cougar coach spoke with a sense of perspective. He could have even been mistaken for a philosopher.

It was 2003 and Bennett's house was not yet a home because the builders had barely started to lay the foundation. Bennett had a vision of what his home and his basketball team would look like once both were built. Better to do all the building at once. It wouldn't make sense to finish one of the two jobs and leave the other uncompleted.

Bennett walked his nearly empty property in Pullman with his son, then assistant coach Tony Bennett, and his four cornerstones, the foundation of his basketball team, their roles clearly defined.

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