February 8, 2007

Class of '07 Honor Roll

With the closing of yet another exceptional job at landing a class loaded with playmakers by Coach Gary Patterson and his staff, it's time to get a closer look at some of the talented signees. The 2007 class is loaded with playmakers who have a lot of speed, strength, and most importantly, character. Some of these prospects the coach says have an immediate chance to see the field early.

Who has the biggest chance to make an immediate impact on offense and defense? Who's the most versatile? Who is the human highlight reel? Who's the best hitter?

Find out these questions and more as the Purplemenace staff brings you the 2nd annual prospect honor report.
Top impact player on offense:
Jeremy says: Jeremy Kerley Runner up: Jonathan Jones
Jeremiah says: Jonathan Jones: Runner up: Jeremy Kerley

Wasn't much of a debate here on who would have an immediate impact on offense. With the loss of two seniors it certainly helps the chance for both to see the field. Kerley gives the Frogs a player that can run, throw, and catch. Jones gives the Frogs a big bodied receiver who can stretch the field.

Coach Patterson says: "Kerley played quarterback, he throws a 95 mph fastball, he plays four sports, he probably can play quarterback here. He could probably play on the baseball team. I won't be surprised is he plays as a freshman. That goes for Jonathan Jones too."

Top impact player on defense:
Jeremy's vote: Anson Kelton Runner up: Tejay Johnson
Jeremiah's vote: Tejay Johnson Runner up: Tekerrian Cuba

Johnson is regarded as one of the top players in the state ranked 54th in the Rivals Texas 100. Although the defensive secondary returns quality depth, expect Johnson to play right away.

Coach Patterson says: "Anson on his highlight tape he has 4-5 punts over 70 yards, we're talking about a 6-foot-3, 260 pound guy who's got huge legs, he's a strong human being for a punter. Cuba is a guy who at 6-foot-3 , 197 pound safety that can run and runs track.
Top dual threat player:
Jeremy's vote: Sir Demarco Bledsoe Runner up: Jeremy Kerley
Jeremiah's vote: Greg McCoy Runner up: Sir Demarco Bledsoe

Several players could've received the nod for the top dual threat prospect. Sir Demarco Bledsoe is a player who gives the Frogs options at corner, receiver, and safety. Greg McCoy is not only a shut down corner, he's also a gamebreaker on special teams having returned 10 punts and kickofs for touchdowns.

Coach Patterson says: " I put Greg McCoy up there with Drew Coleman who turned into a terrific player who started for the New York Jets this year. Not to try and put any pressure on anybody."

Most versatile:
Jeremy's vote: Tank Carder Runner up: Luke Shivers
Jeremiah's vote: Jeff Olson Runner up: Luke Shivers

Is doesn't get much more versatile than Tank Carder and Jeff Olson. Carder, a former BMX champion lined up at 7 different positions his senior year and excelled at all. Olson, who played tight end in high school will be making the move to o-line once arriving to TCU.

Coach Patterson says: "Jeff Olson is a guy who can run around a little bit, he has great feet and a great frame. If you look at his parents he will be a huge young man. Carder is an unbelievable soccer player, probably got a chance as a freshman to kick off for us because he's got a tremendous leg. He can play fullback or linebacker. Luke had a lot of offers out of the Big 12 and Utah came this way for him. He's a smart football player, very good GPA kid."
Best highlight reel:
Jeremy's vote: Greg McCoy Runner up: Jeremy Kerley
Jeremiah's vote: Greg McCoy Runner up: Jeremy Kerley

Both of these players several things in common. Speed, elusiveness, and vision are just a few that come to mind. But perhaps the biggest similarities is their ability to score touchdowns and put on a good show while doing so.

Coach Patterson says: "Greg McCoy is a guy that is a great punt and kick returner who I think returned around 10-12 punts and kicks this year."

Best hitter:
Jeremy's vote: Spencer Thompson Runner up: Chez Thomas
Jeremiah's vote: Tejay Johnson Runner up: Tekerrien Cuba

It's not very common to see an offensive lineman regarded as a big hitter. Of course, not many have been named as an MVP in their district and west Texas and Thompson accomplished just that. Now that Marvin White has departed, one thought Frogs fans ponder is if anyone can put on a hit out like his. Frog fans, meet Tejay Johnson. Mountain West opponents won't likely be as receptive.

Coach Patterson says: "Spencer Thompson is the only lineman in the history of west Texas to ever be named as the offensive player of the year. He's highly intense, he hasn't backed down from our off-season program."

Best moves:
Jeremy's vote: Jai Cavness Runner up: Greg McCoy
Jeremiah's vote: Greg McCoy Runner up: Jai Cavness

Cavness is a slasher who can stop on a dime, running forward or backwards. He has the ability to make guys miss at the line of scrimmage and puts on a clinic in the open field. McCoy's punt returns speak for themselves.

Coach Patterson says: "Cavness played in a lot of All-Star games. Jai is more like a Robert Merrill, a slasher."

Biggest potential:
Jeremy's vote: Braylon Broughton Runner up: Logan Brock
Jeremiah's vote: Tejay Johnson Runner up: Jonathan Jones

Broughton has only played organized football for two years and is improving each year. Has all the tools, height, speed, and strength. Will be a monster. Brock is a former quarterback and gives the Frogs a tight end who can stretch the field. Jonathan Jones is the big bodied receiver with play maker written all over him. Remember Reggie Harrell? Jones has the potential to be better.

Coach Patterson says: "Logan was recruited by a lot of people, he's a guy that's going to be a huge tight end that can run. Braylon Broughton when you look at a 6-foot-6 defensive end that's only played two years of high school football of what he could do, he can really run."

Surprise commitment:
Jeremy's vote: Tekerrian Cuba
Jeremiah's vote: Braylon Broughton

Not that it's at all a surprise these players would go to TCU, it's more of a surprise in the fashion they arrived. Cuba was rumored to be a lock to Texas A&M and decided to pick TCU over Oklahoma giving the Frogs a commitment one day before signing day. Broughton had many wondering if he would be a Frog. He officially is and hopes to arrive ready to go by June.

Coach Patterson says: "Cuba was a guy who until the last night was getting calls from everyone trying to get him to change his mind."

Biggest sleeper:
Jeremy's vote: Sir Demarco Bledsoe Runner up: Jercell Fort
Jeremiah's vote: Tank Carder Runner up: Johnny Fobbs

There may not be a bigger sleeper in the southwest than these two players. Bledsoe went virtually the whole recruiting season under the radar after a stellar Nike Camp performance. He gives the Frogs several options to maximize his talent. Carder, well to find a 6-foot-2, 215 pounder who can run, punt, kick, throw, catch.....you get the idea. Several teams jumped late including A&M who gave Tank a full scholarship in baseball.

Coach Patterson says: "Carder is an unbelievable soccer player, probably got a chance as a freshman to kick off for us because he's got a tremendous leg. He can play fullback or linebacker. He's 6-foot-2, 215 but right now he's about 205 because he's running up and down the court playing basketball also. Most of the highlights we have on Bledsoe are at running back, but he's a guy that can play corner, safety, and receiver, and runningback."

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