February 9, 2007

No complaining about ugly victory

It may have been ugly and less impressive than Arizona fans and players would have liked, but it was a win. Arizona may have lost this game last week, but the Wildcats still found a way to win on the road when they did not play even close to their best game. It was basically a three-man game, but it was enough to beat the Beavers.

Marcus Williams was the reason the Wildcats won on Thursday, as he simply came up with all of the big shots that the Wildcats needed. He seems to be better when he gets other players on the team involved, but that does not necessarily mean that he should not take the big shots.

The UA needs Williams to step up in big situations while playing within the offense. It is something he is fully capable of and he did well in that role on Thursday.

As for the other two main players, how much more can you say about Jordan Hill? His performances as of late make you wonder why he was not playing earlier.

Forget the fact that he brings so much energy to the game. His shot blocking has really changed the dynamic of the team defensively.

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