February 27, 2007

The Real C.J. Wilson

Love him or hate him, C.J. Wilson will always be true to himself.

But who is C.J. Wilson?

Over the course of his Baylor career he has been at times controversial, the subject of praise and ridicule, and he has always been a smiling, laughing quote machine.

But is he more than the word smith he has become known as in Waco?

To find out the real story about C.J. Wilson you have to start at the beginning.

Wilson's given name is Gerald Dwayne Wilson, but he has gone by C.J. since the nickname was given to him as a baby. The meaning has been a guarded family secret.

"The only thing I can tell you is I was called C.J. ever since I was little, and not too many did know what it meant, it was only a select few," Wilson said. "The rest just called me Champ because they didn't know what C.J. stood for, so they just called me Champ. As time developed they just started saying Champ Jr.

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