February 26, 2007

State getting back to the basics

The Bulldogs jumped off the Spring 07 campaign with a spirited 2 hour and 30 minute practice. Only two Bulldogs were not suited up today, as Eric Butler is still nursing a toe injury from surgery a couple of weeks ago and redshirt sophomore quarterback Tray Rutland was absent.

Coach Croom and his staff started day 1 addressing a weakness that hindered the Bulldogs offensive production last year.

"Something we are really working on is our corners jamming our receivers in 1 on 1, and our receivers getting off on man to man coverage. Our defensive backs won today in our drills and coverage. The wide receivers have to get a lot better as far as getting off 1 on 1 coverage, and that is something we got to get better at, because everybody is putting 8 and 9 guys in the box and leaving our receivers out there in 1 on 1 situations.

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