March 2, 2007

Win means Arizona is in

As is the case with every team in the country, any win at this point of the season is a good win. For Arizona, beating Cal on the road may not be a big win in terms of RPI or SOS, but it is a big win in the sense that it took place against a team that generally plays well at home.

Once again, for all of the criticism he takes, Marcus Williams came up big in the win. He is known for his shooting ability, but he seems to have a major knack for getting open under the basket. It seems that Arizona fans have seen Williams do a reverse lay up underneath the basket countless times this season.

He may have a certain swagger about him that rubs people the wrong way, but it is difficult to deny the fact that without him, Arizona would not be a tournament team.

You could also say the same thing for Chase Budinger. It was apparent from the beginning that Cal would not have anybody that could successfully match up with Budinger. He seemed to notice it early, and took advantage as Arizona not only ran plays for him, but he also generated his own offense as well.

It was also nice to see Ivan Radenovic step up in what some may feel was the biggest game of the season.

He is already known for his ability to consistently generate offense, but his defense was strong as well on Thursday night. He was able to help contain Ryan Anderson, thus forcing the Golden Bears into numerous difficult situations.

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