March 22, 2007

More Fab Speak

With seven healthy defensive ends in camp, defensive ends coach Jon Fabris has a wealth of options, but not much SEC experience at defensive end. Only Marcus Howard, Roderick Battle, and Jeremy Lomax have played in a game for Georgia and he needs at least four defensive ends ready by September 1, 2007. UGASports caught up with coach Fabris to see how the defensive ends are doing heading into Saturday's scrimmage and what coach Fabris is looking for from his ends.

UGASports: Do you expect to have a set depth chart by G-Day or will the situation at defensive end to be fluid till the end of fall camp and what do you expect from your ends?

Coach Fabris: "I am not Nostradamus and I cannot predict the future. I do not know. We have only had six days of spring practice and we are not even at the half-way point. We practice Friday and then we have a lot of contact work Saturday. That is like a mid-term exam. That will be a big test. We are only at the half-way point.

"If it was easier I would like to have it settled. How much does the kid want to do it? If the kid really wants to do it he will keep working at it and get better. That is the thing you look for. It is not how talented a kid is. That is great, but how bad does he want to do it.

"I heard Fran Tarkenton talk at a coaching clinic and I met him in high school and I looked down at him. He was not even six-foot tall. He is a great competitor, has a great mind, and has a lot between his ears and in his chest cavity. He would be the first to tell you a lot of people had better arms and better this and better that, but can you play the game. Basically he was saying you might look like Tarzan, but you can play like Jane.

"There are people on this football team that are just walk out here and you go, ooh, but a guy who does not look as good is a better football player. One reason is that it means more to them and he is also tougher. It is not just the psychical part that is import, it is the intangible things. How is a guy going to be with a cast on his wrist? Ho w is a guy going to be when he has a pull in his leg? Is he just going to cower down and shrink or will he fight. Basically how competitive are they."

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