March 28, 2007

Malcolm Kelly Q&A: Missing in action

Malcolm Kelly isn't doing exactly what he wants to do as spring practices get into full gear at Oklahoma. Kelly isn't struggling on the field and he isn't having a hard time adjusting to new quarterbacks. Kelly's sitting on the sideline because of offseason surgery to repair a torn meniscus suffered in the Fiesta Bowl. Editor caught up with Kelly after Tuesday's practice to get the full story on his injury and how it happened. Kelly also gives Murdock his inside opinion on the quarterback battle going on behind closed doors. Tell me about your situation - sitting out, going through surgery - tell me about how you're approaching all of this?
Malcolm Kelly:
I kind of was mad at first because I really wanted to be able to go through the spring and I hated being on those crutches while I was on them. You don't know how much you just really love the game until you're sitting there watching all your friends.

I was just real eager to get back and get it rolling. As a freshman you sat out with a nagging hamstring injury. I'm sure this is different because you know you just have to watch isn't it?
I guess it kind of makes it easy because as a freshman I was kind of guessing whether I was going to be able to go out there. I just have to work on my rehab, try to get my rehab done everyday and try to get back as quick as possible. It's kind of heartbreaking sitting back and watching everyone play. But in the back of your mind you know what you've got to do and you know you can still go out there and get it done. It was a torn meniscus? Is that what it was?
Yeah and actually it had been torn for a while and I had never known. I hurt every now and then but it wasn't ever bad enough to go in there and get treatment. It was good that I'd been able to play on it for that long. But they say now that it's fixed I'll be all good. So you should even be better than before then?
Yeah, exactly.

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