April 9, 2007

McBath adds a healthy enthusiasm

So far this spring the Texas Tech defense has exhibited a great deal more enthusiasm and excitement than was apparent this time last year. Unbridled flight to the ball, swarming, helmet-slapping and high-fiving-it's all been there.

One of the more buoyant players on that defense is junior safety, Darcel McBath. He's not a hot-dogging chest-thumper, mind you, just a player who manifests a healthy and infectious enthusiasm for the game.

And that excitement comes through when talking to McBath. It is clear that he is amped about the upcoming season and the potential of his teammates, both offense and defense, to do great things.

On the list of those who inspire confidence in McBath are the young players who play in the defensive line and linebacking corps. In short, he sees little difference between the present and the immediate past.

"It's not that much different. I've got to take a bigger leadership role, but that's about it," states McBath. "But these young guys, from seven-on-seven in January till now they've made some leaps and bounds and they know the defense just as good as they guys who just graduated. So other than that, just leading those guys, that's the only thing I gotta step up and do. That's it."

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