April 11, 2007

New UCLA assistant meets the press

New assistant coach Scott Duncan met with the media one day after agreeing to become part of the Bruin basketball staff. Duncan replaces the departed Kerry Keating who left UCLA last week for the head coaching job at Santa Clara University.

Duncan has been a college basketball assistant for over half of his 51 years and is very highly thought of on the recruiting trail. He is consistently regarded as one of the top assistants in the game and he shared his reasoning for leaving the University of Oregon for UCLA with reporters on Wednesday afternoon.

What does UCLA offer?

Duncan:: "When you think of college basketball, anybody that has spent their life working in college basketball, there's one school that you think of and that is UCLA. There is no school that compares with UCLA and when you have an opportunity to work for the premier school, work for the premier coach in your profession, that's a very difficult thing to walk away from or to turn down. I would not leave the University of Oregon for any other assistant's position anywhere else in the country.

Do you have any visions of becoming a head coach one day?

Duncan:: "Absolutely I want to be a head coach. I think every assistant aspires to be that and so that is one of the attractive measures of UCLA. Not that UCLA will get you another job but here is a program, a system, a coaching staff that can add to my bank of knowledge and that will help me at some point in time if I'm deserving of a head coaching job and I have that opportunity, I have learned yet another system that is considered by the majority of college basketball as the very best system in the country."

How well do you know Coach Ben Howland?

Duncan:: "He's been in the game a long time, I've been in the game a long time; things go back to when he was an assistant coach at Santa Barbara and I was an assistant coach at New Mexico.

"Any time that we see each other on the road recruiting, mostly in the summertime, that's when everybody is in one spot. And of course during the year when we're at the same game and we bump into each other there although obviously during the playing season there's not a lot of dialogue."

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