April 19, 2007

Baker finally finds a home

Spring football may be over, but there are still plenty of questions to be answered coming out of the 15 practices over the last two months. One of the biggest answers could come from senior linebacker Lewis Baker, who appears to be the frontrunner for the starting strongside linebacker job heading into the fall.

SoonerScoop.com Editor Carey Murdock recently caught up with Baker to get his thoughts on the linebackers and their play throughout the spring. Baker has spent most of his career bouncing around the linebacker and strong safety positions but he appears to have found a home heading into the fall.

SoonerScoop.com: I know talking to Brent Venables even before the spring, he told us to watch out for Lewis Baker because he played really well last year - could you just talk about where you are heading into the season?
Lewis Baker:
I feel pretty comfortable. I'm playing at SAM and they had me there a little bit last year and I'm playing WILL too but I'm feeling pretty comfortable. I can always get better but it's a mental game and I can always improve.

SS.com: Everybody's followed you from the beginning of your career and things have been up and down for you at Oklahoma. Do you feel like this is the time for you to really come out and finally shine next season?
Yeah, I do because it's my last year. I'm a senior and guys are looking up to me and I have a leadership role to take on and I'm going to do that. I feel like guys will follow me and I have to lead by example. I just have to go out there and prove myself and hopefully everybody can feed off of me.

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