April 21, 2007

Spring Practice Notepad

Renowned regional philosopher "Larry the Cable Guy" coined the phrase "Git 'er done" several years ago. Thursday nights tune up for the Spring Game at Skelly Stadium reflected the same attitude, though executed by more an assembly of athletes and coaches far more focused.

The players are still running to the next drill station under the whip of Todd Graham. The coaches reasoning for this is simple and absolute. Due to a rule change this year, there will only be thirty seconds to make adjustments during time outs. Time spent walking into position is time lost outfoxing the opponent.

On the west sidelines, a number of new faces auditioned for punting and place kicking chores. They were certainly non roster people, certainly had the leg strength of soccer players, and all had the hard foot to launch the football great lengths. None showed the consistency needed to help during the game.

The gauntlet drill returned with the best showing coming from receiver Kyle Grooms.

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