April 25, 2007

Players have some fun on Day 14

Walking onto Pothro Field today, I was greeted by quite a sight. Ryan Gunderson had just completed a pass to himself. Or so I thought. Upon a closer look, Anthony Brown had donned a Gunderson jersey for today's practice, the last one of the spring. Turns out, several players decided to pull the ole' switch-a-roo, which confused the heck out of the attending media today. But at least, it made for a fun day to end practice on.

- Lyle Moevao looked the sharpest of the quarterbacks today. In Sean Canfield's defense though, he didn't get nearly as many snaps
as Moevao. The QBs threw a lot of deep passes which was exciting to watch. Moevao
has surprisingly good touch on his deep ball. He had several nice bombs in particular to Chris Johnson, including one that Johnson tipped to himself despite good coverage from the defensive back covering him. Canfield's best throw
of the day was also a long pass. He caught the defense off guard with a pump
fake and hit Brandon Powers wide open down the sideline. What was truly
impressive about Canfield's pass was that the defense thought he was throwing
to a completely different receiver, and as a result, Powers emerged wide open.
The only downside about Moevao's play was he threw into coverage too often,
including one right to Greg Laybourn. He has got to cut down on those
kinds of throws if he hopes to claim the No. 1 spot.

- Minus a fumbled pitch, Patrick Fuller looked really good today.
He was running hard and with authority. He was making an effort to make cut

- If Fuller can finally put things together and get back in the good graces with
the coaching staff, he may see the field for the Beavers this season, regardless
if he doesn't overtake Clinton Polk for the backup spot. Fuller's
speed, especially to the outside, is very impressive. Yvenson Bernard
and Polk were held out of practice. Meanwhile, Micah Strickland is
still tending to personal issues.

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