April 27, 2007

Dorrell names Olson starter

The practice pace isn't the only thing that has speeded up this spring for the first time in years the Bruins will know who the starting quarterback will be when training camp begins in August. Yesterday Coach Karl Dorrell crossed the Rubicon and named Ben Olson his starting quarterback beginning immediately. Olson will be the starter for today's scrimmage.

Dorrell and his coaches have been decisive all spring long and it has been showing up on the field. The players are playing with a lot of confidence this spring and to man it looks like it will carry over into the off-season.

"We decided to make a decision on the quarterback and we're going to name Ben Olson the starter so Ben will start the scrimmage," Dorrell said. "We talked to both parties, we don't want them to be available to the media today but we felt it was a good time to do it.

"We found out all the information we needed and I like I said before we are really fortunate to have the two high caliber guys we have in our program that we can play with.

"Ben was more consistent and threw for a higher percentage and was little bit more productive and that was the difference in how things worked.

"We are ready to move forward our team knows that. We are going to move forward and keep building our offense from what we have installed at this point.

"We still have a lot of work to do as you know in the off-season in getting ourselves as good as we can be, but we feel strongly that we have the talent, the experience and potential on this football team to be a very, very good offense and with an experienced defense back we feel we have a chance to make a strong statement this year.

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