June 7, 2007

Wednesday pickup game report

Pickup games began this week and have included both new and old Wildcats including Hassan Adams, and Salim and Damon Stoudamire. On Wednesday, Corey Williams was the only veteran ex-Wildcat to play with current players. We will look at some of the players' production.

  • Once again, Jerryd Bayless shined, which shouldn't be big news. However, throughout the pickup games, Jawann McClellan, among others, were giving Bayless pointers and showing him some more effective ways of playing at the elite level on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball. Bayless also showed his point guard skills by pushing the ball well and getting all of his teammates involved.

  • A Wildcat who played well throughout the pickup games was Daniel Dillon. The senior shot the ball very well from all over the floor and even had an impressive dunk in the open court while being defended by Bayless. Defense has always been more a strength for Dillon so he guarded Bayless to try and make things difficult.

  • Nic Wise ran the court very well. He was able to push the ball in the pickup games, which are known for their fast pace. His shot was falling from all over as often he would come down the floor, pull up and make it. Regardless of what seemed like a height mismatch with Wise guarding Zane Johnson, Wise did a good job making all shots difficult for Johnson.

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