June 13, 2007

Monday/Tuesday pickup game reports

Arizona's basketball team has been busy this off-season with pickup games and GOAZCATS.com has been in attendance daily to check out all the action. Here are notes on the last two days of action.

Monday Pickup Game Notes:

Monday's pickup games included former Wildcats Damon and Salim Stoudamire. Intensity among the newest additions to the program seems to be high as the freshmen continue to go hard every play.

  • Laval Lucas-Perry made his first appearance in the weekly pickup games due to an ankle injury that occurred before arriving in Tucson. With his ankle heavily tapped up, Perry played very well.

    LLP ran the floor well, seeing teammates on the break while still attacking the rim. Lucas-Perry connected on his outside shot often and looked good on defense. It will be interesting to see how he will progress from this injury as it did not even look as if he was suffering.

  • It did not seem like Salim Stoudamire missed a jump shot the entire time. He is definitely taking his NBA game to the next level and continues to work out relentlessly while still in Tucson.

  • Fendi Onobun made some good post moves against Jordan Hill on the block and was passionate about it. It seems that if he attacks inside then out, that his confidence grows over the course of a game and he is more effective.

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