June 16, 2007

Pickup games continue at McKale

The past two days of pickup have seen the intensity level rise dramatically. Match ups have become more consistent, and players are realizing that many spots are up for grabs.

Players are going after each other, making each other better and more competitive. The feel of pickup this week has become more physical and more intense than any weeks previous.

  • Jawann McClellan did not participate but told us that his knees are getting back to normal. He stated that his knees will never get back to 100 percent but feels almost as good as he felt in high school.

  • Nic Wise looked comfortable playing with Jordan Hill and Jerryd Bayless. On Wednesday, Wise used the pick and roll to near perfection with Hill rolling to the basket. Thursday provided a preview of the possible backcourt of Wise and Bayless. Wise was able to find his teammate on the break and in the half court set with ease.

  • Beyond his incredible skills, Bayless is an extreme competitor who does not like to lose. He is constantly pushing his teammates and himself to work hard every play.

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