June 18, 2007

K-State DBs needs to make plays

The thought here was that the cover 2 system installed by the electric Raheem Morris would become the formula necessary for Kansas State to curb consecutive seasons in which it ranked near the bottom of the Big 12 in pass efficiency defense. Interestingly, the Wildcats jumped three spots to No. 7 in the league in 2006 while their overall pass efficiency defense rating was nearly identical to the previous season.

Improving upon a lagging pass efficiency defense rating (124.2) that ranked 10th in the Big 12 seemed to be a given in 2006, as did the notion an experienced defensive secondary would only grow stingier after surrendering 18 touchdowns and recording just eight interceptions in 2005. Under Morris, enthusiasm and potential seemed to be at its best since the backfield in 2003 helped to nab 20 interceptions and allow 19 touchdowns.

In short, the bump-and-run took a walk under Morris. The cover 2 called for the safeties to play zone coverage while the middle linebacker created a three-deep look by dropping down the middle of the field.

The cornerbacks were to jam the wide receivers to delay their release before backing into their own zones. The key was to keep the passing game in front of the defense instead of chasing pass catchers (see Robert Johnson) down the field.

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