June 18, 2007

Juniors facing boom or bust falls

Every fall we welcome in a new batch of highly anticipated recruits to the University of Oklahoma who are expected to make a major impact for the football program. But success doesn't always happen overnight.

Some players do make early impacts. But that isn't the norm. Most players take a couple of years to develop before they can make a major impact as the Division-I level.

But players can also find themselves falling behind with so many talented recruits coming into the program year after year. SoonerScoop.com Editor Carey Murdock takes a look at the five juniors who are facing a make or break fall as they try to avoid falling into a category that every player wants to avoid - the bust.

5. Fred Strong - Strong has shown us flashes and good flashes throughout his career. He has been a player who has pushed some of the younger, more talented players during his career, but he's also shown the ability to make big plays when it matters most.

Strong enters his junior year with plenty of talent like Adron Tennell, Brandon Caleb and newcomers such as Tyler Stradford ready to step in and take away more of his playing time.

Strong has to step up this fall or he will quickly be left behind.

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